Why We Can’t Let The Worlds Animals Go Extinct

The Recurring Problem

We hear it all the time, another species is going extinct. Years ago it was the gorillas, then it was a sea creature, then the elephants, every time you turn on the news you are bombarded with sad news from all around the world, and then on top of that you are hit with the news that another animal is going extinct and that you need to help. Often times the reason for this is because of mans own doing, whether it be over hunting or destroying their homes we are slowly killing off more and more species. Each time this happens there is a group that steps in and tries their best to help the species, often times they are successful, sadly sometimes they are not able to intervene and help the animal. So if this keeps happening over and over why do we keep trying to help the animals, do we need them? Or are mans advancements more important than natures survival.

Why We Need Them

Of course they are cute, they are cuddly, they are beautiful. We love to look at them, we like pictures of them, we like the idea of animals but why do we need them, what purpose do they serve to us? They are a crucial part of the ecosystem for one reason. For example, they did a recent study where they released wolves into an area in Yellowstone. They had originally lived there but over years had been forced out by man. The plants had been suffering, the other animals where starting to go extinct and the ecosystem was starting to crumble. However, once the wolves were brought back into the area all of these problems. They hunt animals that have over crowded the area, they fertilize the ground and allow other plants to grow. And this is just one example, there are cases like this all over the world that show that we need various species of animals all over the world so that the world around us can continue to function and grow as it needs to.


There are other smaller animals, such as phytoplankton, an organism that we can barely even see. This however, is a small yet crucial animal. It provides us with the oxygen that we so desperately need to survive. Insects, many of which we may see as pests and that annoy us, are also crucial. They pollinate crops, they kill off other pests that we don’t want or that spread disease. So while we want animals around because they are cute, because we like to look at them or for other somewhat selfish reasons.  There are obvious scientific reasons as to why we need to help keep the many animals on our planet alive, they are here for a reason and we cannot deny that. We need to do our part to help keep all species of animals alive and to stop more and more of them from going extinct, do your part.