Ways to Help Wild Animals

There are organizations dedicated to helping endangered animals and protecting some species of wildlife from going extinct. Wild animals are increasingly becoming extinct especially in England. So if you are looking for ways help endangered animals in England, you can sign up in any of these organizations.

The International Rhino Fund (IRF)

Endangered Animals Rhino

The International Rhino Fund has been in operation for the past 25 years. The Organization has been in the business of raising funds for and putting together rhino conservation programs to make sure of the survival of rhinos. They have offices in England and UK but have major active operations in Asia and Africa where the rhino species are plentiful. The Organizations protect the following species of rhinos that are victims of poaching: the white rhino, the black rhino, the Sumatran rhinos the Greater One-Horned rhino and the Javan rhinos. You can support the ISF by shopping in their online stores that sell jewelry; they have a wide selection of clothing items for both kids and adults that you are sure to love!

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Endangered Animals Marine Turtles

This is one of the best-known conservation organizations all over the world today. The WWF has been in the business of working towards the conservation of wild animals for over 50 years now. The organizations have achieved a lot in their course, and have made a severe impact on our beautiful world.

The WWF fights for the conversation of animals that needs to be saved from extinction and have made substantial efforts so far. Some of the animals that have helped to protect are Tigers, marine turtles, chimpanzees, Elephants, Rhinos, Gorillas, whales, Leopards, Dolphins.

Endangered Animals Marine Turtles

Project Aware Foundation

Endangered Animals Sharks

The project AWARE foundation is an organization with the sole aim of conserving all kinds of marine animals in the ocean. They have actively supported ocean conservations projects for over 20 years. The AWARE foundation focuses on two significant projects: sharks and marine debris. Their aim at supporting sharks in severe danger and reducing the amount of debris and harmful substances released into water bodies by human activities. You can sign up with this foundation and join the Project AWARE movement. The movement is open to divers and individuals passionate about the marine environment.

The Jane Goodall Institute

Endangered Animals Chimpanzee

The Jane Goodall Institute is a worldwide, non-profit organization with the aim of promoting conservation efforts win communities. The group was founded by a renowned primatologist, anthropologists, and ethologists Dr. Jane Goodall. Dr. Goodall is involved with helping people, animals, and the natural environment. The organization has actively supported the conservation of over 130 animal communities, 1490k acres of habitats and over chimpanzees. They want to help as many animals as they possibly can and they will go through great lengths to do so. You can help support these efforts as well and make a difference to the many species that need our help and support in this troublesome world.

Endangered Animals Chimpanzee