Uncovering the Least Known – UK Wildlife

People who are not local to the UK hardly realize that the even UK has some exceptional wildlife that the rest of the world would envy. There are several UK species of wildlife that can never be found anywhere else in the world. Everyone always thinks that when referring to wildlife there are so many places in Africa and Australia that would rival what is available anywhere else in the world. The truth is that some species are available only the UK that would shock you.

The Basking Shark

The seas in the United Kingdom have the Basking shark. This shark is known for its size and is the second largest fish that is seen anywhere in the world. Their length easily averages 11m and weighs at least 8 tons. To put perspective into the actual size of the shark, it is the weight of a London bus. The shark feeds on the zooplankton that is available in the British waters during the summer months and does not harm any humans. They swim very slowly which is why they are called ‘Basking’ sharks. At a speed of 2.5mph, it is hardly any speed to even worry about for any creature and especially one that likes to bask in the sun.


The puffins are called the clowns of the coast and are seen along the islands of the British coastline. They are becoming very rare and less common though and is expected to reduce even more. They are at a significant threat, and the UN is on the watch for the safety and the well-being of these beautiful creatures. They are known for their iconic pictures taken with their mouths filled with sand eels.

The Harbour Porpoise

The smallest cetaceans found in the UK is the harbor porpoise. They usually live only in shallow water and are located in the UK waters only during the winter. They are warm-blooded creatures and means they have to stay in the groups to rub against each other and stay warm. They eat a lot and when they are at sea, they are deadly with their hunting skills. They catch a minimum of 3000 fish in a single day.

Sand Lizards

Sand Lizards

These creatures are one of the rarest reptiles that are found in the UK. They are usually found in sandy places in the UK, and they love the sun. They hibernate during the more wont months and come out to bask and bathe in the sun during spring and summer. They are notable for the color changing the ability of the males when they are ready to mate.  

Grey Seals

The seas around the UK is three times bigger than the land that it encloses. Therefore, the number of sea creatures that the UK harbors is incredible. The grey seals stand strong along with the porpoises and sharks. There are 40% more seals in Britain than anywhere else in the world, and this is because of the active conservation efforts that have been put in place.