Spotting and Saving the UK Hedgehogs

The population of hedgehogs in the United Kingdom has been falling, so you should do your part and help them. This article will tell you about where to find and how to help hedgehogs in the UK. There are also many help hotlines that you can reach if you need more guidance and information about saving the hedgehogs.

Where to Find Hedgehogs in The UK

You will most likely spot a hedgehog at night during the summer season. Hedgehogs are animals of the night, and they hibernate from November until March. They tend to prefer places that are dry, for example, near compost piles, under sheds, messy spots in your garden, or hedges. So, you should take care when you move or cause a commotion near dry places. You have to be extra careful when it’s the winter season because the hedgehogs will be hibernating. If you make your garden more friendly for hedgehogs, you’ll most likely spot them eating or drinking.

What You Can Do for The Hedgehogs

What You Can Do for The Hedgehogs

The mating season of hedgehogs comes to a close when the autumn season arrives. The end of the mating season means that the young hedgehogs will be leaving their mothers as they start their own lives. The young hedgehogs will have a challenging time during their first time in the wild without their mother. Their food supply will be scarce as it’s around the winter months, which means insects will be lesser than usual. They can die when hibernating if they have no food, so when the winter approaches, they’ll need a good garden spot for hibernation.

  1. Create a highway for hedgehogs in your garden – Create a small opening that leads in and out of your garden for the hedgehogs. They need around 10cm of space.
  2. Avoid using pesticides – Using any pesticides will remove potential hedgehog food or kill the hedgehogs themselves. Find other alternatives to pesticides if they’re a big problem.
  3. Make your water safe – Place stepping stones on the edges of small bodies of water to help hedgehogs when they try to get out. Make sure to keep your swimming pools covered up if you aren’t planning on using them.
  4. Watch out for hedgehogs when cutting the grass – Hedgehogs are hard to see when they’re in tall grass, so make sure to look out for them when you’re cutting your grass as you may harm or even kill a hedgehog.
  5. Make sure netting isn’t near the ground Netting can tangle up a hedgehog, so if you have any netting that’s near or on the ground, make sure to move it far away from the ground, so the little creatures don’t get stuck in the netting.
  6. Do not give hedgehogs milk – You may have heard that you should leave a bowl of milk out for hedgehogs, but do not listen to that myth. Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant, so milk can make them sick and hurt them.
  7. Keep your recycling safe – You should make sure you crush your cans and that you cut the rings made of plastic that connect the cans. Both of these things are dangerous to the health of small mammals like the hedgehog.
  8. Make your garden a haven for the hedgehogs – In your garden, you should have places for hedgehogs to call their homes, such as a heap of fallen leaves or a log pile. If you’re going to clean any of these potential homes up, make sure you check if hedgehogs are hiding in them before doing so.