Saving The Crows and Pigeons For Good – UK Wildlife

In a recent decision taken by the government of UK, birds like woodpigeons, jays and crows cannot be killed freely in the country. The government made this decision after the efforts of an environmental group called “Wild Justice,” formed by the environmentalists Ruth Tingay, Chris Packham and Mark Avery. The government in the UK will now be introducing a new system to give out licenses for the control of 16 different kinds of birds, such as magpies, rooks, Canada geese and many others.

All the environmentalists and wildlife lovers have praised the decision. It’s not often you see three personalities challenging and overturning, government’s laws that are several decades old. For generations, people have been allowed to kill these innocent birds for their own benefits. This new law is also going to cause disruption and sadness among many people from society, but the government has promised to do something about their concerns. However, the first step is to protect before bringing in severe measures to control the lawbreakers. As a nation, the administration is working hard to come up with a proportionate licensing system, keeping in mind the interests of both the wildlife and the people.

Saving The Crows and Pigeons For Good - UK Wildlife
Saving The Crows and Pigeons For Good – UK Wildlife

The land managers and farmers are the worst affected by the series of events. Especially the timing of changing the rules. It will be very challenging for the farmers to protect their livestock including crops, lambs and other wildlife. The organizations and unions related to the farmers have shown their concerns over this untimely withdrawal of the licenses. Those licenses were very important for the farmers as the crops are the most vulnerable to the birds and are pests at the moment. There is no denying that the old rules should have been changed, but it could have been done at a better time. During this time every year, birds like Curlew and Lapwings fear crows, as crows are one of the biggest predators of their eggs. If the people are not allowed to control the crows, it is certain that they will harm the eggs much more and there is a possibility of the birds not laying eggs again next year.

The group which is responsible for the change of rules has said that they only wanted the new rules to come effectively from 2020. They also admitted that it could have been timed better. The conservationists and the farmers should have been given a lot more time. The government should talk to all the parties which are concerned and come up with a better licensing system at the right time. All said and done; the decision to protect a sect of wildlife is a much-appreciated decision by many conservationists around the globe. In fact, the decision is treated as a lesson that other nations would benefit from. This planet belongs to all the species living in this world and humans should try to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. People should know that every living being has the right to live and should not be killed for our selfishness.