Beautiful Parks to Visit in England

1. New Forest in Hampshire

This park has 143 miles of trials, vibrant streams and striking woodland. New Forest, located in Hampshire, contains 193,000 acres of ancient woodland and heath land. Take a stroll along the well sign-posted routes, in the company of a guided walk of the park or on your own. If you use the former option, which we would recommend, you will be able to learn a lot from the experience of a local expert, who will indulge you with fascinating stories and facts on the wild-life as well as landscape of New Forest, as you take your walk down this route.

2. The Pig in Brockenhurst, Hampshire

At this uncommon yet pleasant country house hotel, you get to enjoy charming shabbily-looking chic décor and foraged food. When you look at the rooms at The Pig, like the Pig Sty, the Hen House and the Dog House; you may be fooled with their names. But they all have in-room facilities including monsoon showers, completely stocked larders and free-standing baths. That’s not all. The Pig also has The Stables, in which the wooden partitions, as well as, the troughs serve as the only reminders that former residents of this place had 1 tail and 4 legs.

3. Peak District in Brassington, Derbyshire

Have a superb time with your family in 4-star break fascinating log cabins and have fun with safe cycling. Also, you can feed the animals, who are workers in Derbyshire farm. We all love to watch videos or shows about baby animals; why don’t you treat yourself to a luxury spring time break in Peak District, located in Derbyshire. At Hoe Grange Holidays, which has won awards, you can lend a helping hand to farmer David by feeding the mums along with their lovely bundles.

4. Lake District, Cumbria

Lake District, Cumbria
Lake District, Cumbria

In the luxury of a vintage camper van, explore the 200 fells, pikes as well as dales of Lake District. In this country, there is one actual mountain range — and while it was formerly as huge as the Himalayas — river, wind and glacial erosion, which occurred over millions of years, modified the appearance of the extraordinarily old land into one of world’s most charming corners.  Everyone that saw the 200 fells, dales and pikes of Lake District found them breath-taking.

5. Bradfield, South Yorkshire

Visit this destination to enjoy Bradfield’s rural beauty, along with its Norman castle, medieval church, warm and comfortable pubs. This park consists of 2 villages, which are linked by a steep, winding road, meant for the brave.  In the surroundings of the attractive St. Nicolas Church of the 15th century as well as Norman castle’s site, there are High Bradfield clusters that offer wide views across the captivating Upper Derwent Valley. At the heart of Low Bradfield is a charming bridge that’s over the peaceful River Loxley. Be it Low or High, this destination is an amazing park to visit to get a feel of the perfect English village life.