Animal Welfare Organizations in the United Kingdom


The fast globalization and too many projects of urbanization put different kinds of animals into great danger. We have already lost many rare species without a possibility to get them back even in the perfect conditions of nature reserves or special zoos. The species that are living on the boundary of death are extremely vulnerable now and they need the highest care. However, the costs are huge, so one person is not able to do the job, but the power of the community might provide a significant difference. To preserve animals and wildlife in the United Kingdom some funds have been set up. Get familiar with the most reliable animal welfare organizations and do not hesitate to support their activities.

BBC Wildlife Fund

The BBC Wildlife Fund is a grant-making charity and has started its activity in 2007. Since the very beginning, this organization preparing and working on different projects to raise money and support endangered species in the United Kingdom and other countries. The board of BBC Wildlife Fund consists of business and marketing professionals of the BBC, lawyers, as well as, the experts of wildlife and environment conservation. All these highly professional people have significant experience in business administration, charity management, environmental issues, and grant-making. Since today, this organization has been transparent and spent all donations for the previously set aims. The initial fund-raising project was done in 2007. It was the whole season of a TV show called Saving Planet Earth and filmed by the BBC. This TV show earned £1,603,488 before the end of the season of 2007. The amount of money was divided into the applicants who asked for support.

Any smaller organization that is working with endangered species can apply to get the charity. The applications must be submitted to the board of the BBC Wildlife Fund until the deadline and meet the strict criteria. The application must include the proven facts and numbers about other work done by the applicant and provide the real working plan for the upcoming years. However, the overall process of submitting the application is not very complicated.

The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust

This organization was set up in 1982 by Jean Beryl Lilian Sainsbury and the main aims of the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust are to protect abandoned and endangered animals, to conserve wildlife, to select the charity and benefits for smaller organizations, to relieve animals from suffering, and to provide more knowledge to people about animals and their protection. During their 38 years of working, the organization earned more than £9 million to animal welfare charities.

The board of the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust consists of seven people who are professionals of different areas including business, charity, veterinary, environment, economy, and law. The applicants who want to get the charity must submit their applications until the annual deadlines. All board members review each of the applications together and decide what organizations can get the money. To be successful in the process of application, the applicants must fulfill the following criteria: the organization must be officially registered in the United Kingdom or another country; provide their annual reports of accounts; provide the evidence what actions have been done to increase the welfare of animals; provide the evidence that an applicant is actively working to ensure the smooth conservation processes.